Manipulation of peripheral nerves – lower extremities

This course about nerves starts with the diagnosis and treatment of the Dura mater spinalis. Then we will explore the symptomatic fi eld of the lumbar and pelvic area, including the legs. The plexus lumbalis will be discussed followed by the practical treatment of the single nerve branches: N. genitofemoralis, N. iliohyposgatricus, N. ilioinguinalis, N. cutaneus femo- ralis lateralis, N. obturatorius and N. femoralis. In a similar way we will treat the Plexus sacralis and its branches: N. ischiadicus, N. tibialis, N. fi bularis communis. Finally we will also treat the nerves at the top and the sole of the foot and in the area of the medial maleolus.

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   Christoph Sommer, HP

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Friday, 02.12.2016
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