Contractual conditions

Contractual conditions | Cancellation policies:

In any case of cancelation or withdrawal the registration fee of € 70 will be withheld as service fee or invoiced if not been paid then.
In case of cancellation on the date of Payment Deadline or later the full Fee is due as compensation for damages; 80 % of which will be refunded if a participant from the waiting list steps in.

Attention! In case of “early bird” registration the full Fee has to be paid within 14 days after class confirmation and is, for whatever reason, nonrefundable in any case (including cancelation and withdrawal)!

It is the participant’s right to prove that his/her non-participation caused no or an essentially smaller damage than the Fee.

If the announced teacher is not able to teach the course for any good reason (i.e. accident, illness etc.) the münchner gruppe GbR has the right to appoint another, equally competent person to teach the course.

Note for cancellation of your course
Please check the possibilities in your country to find an insurance for reimbursement of the Fee in case of cancellation of your participation later than Payment Deadline or during the course. In the case of course series, you will receive the deviating conditions directly in the mail with your course confirmation. The deviating conditions will then be applicable.

Please note that any dues for money transfer from abroad have to be added to the Fee.


Recording of images and sounds

During classes it is forbidden to make any audio, photo or video recordings. This includes also any recording for private purposes only. Unauthorized recordings and/or its release (social media included) may lead to assertion of claims for damages as well as to enforcement of the right to cease and desist by means of a preliminary injunction. The prohibition to make said recordings is due to protection of the rights of personality of the participants (as demanded e.g. by DSGVO) as well as to protection of copyright of any material used during classes.

Upon infringements or violations of said prohibition the  münchner gruppe - munich group  hereby reserves its right to seize the devices in question and keep it unless the owner accepts to delete the unauthorized recordings. With respect to any seized devices the münchner gruppe - munich group’s liability is restricted to intent and gross negligence.

Through registration and attendance the participant accepts and expressly recognizes the aforesaid rules and regulations as integral part of the Agreement.