Osteopathic approach of the autonomic nervous system

For AT Still the Autonomic Nervous System was one of the most import systems in the development of disease. For AT Still, in a time where the knowledge of physiology was poor, the anatomy was very important. The relationship between the spine, the organs and the ANS was so clear that it was obvious for him that a osteopathic treatment should start with improving the function of the ANS.

Due to the work of several scientists like Selye, Mason, Sterling and Eyer, McEwen, we have much more knowledge of the function and dysfunction of the ANS.

In this course we bring together the anatomy, physiology and osteopathy.

We start with the role of the central nervous system. Which are the most important center of the brain that influence the ANS, what happens where there is a dysfunction of the part and most important, how can we influence the by osteopathic treatment? We will do treatment of the hypothalamus, hippocampus, V3, V4 and brain stem.

That we continue with the secondary centers in the medulla oblongata, the role of the vagus nerve, the spinal cord. We will do techniques to work on these center. 

The last part is the peripheral ANS. Where is it located, how does it function and how can we treat this?

The participants will have a deeper knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and most important the osteopathic possibilities in diagnosis and treatment.

It is a mixed theoretical practical course that give the participants a direct p[possibility to use this in their practice. The course is for all osteopaths that finished their basic training.

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René Zweedijk

   René Zweedijk, D.O. BSc (Hon) Ost Med.

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