Visceral Manipulation – Advanced Approach

Originally Barrals method of Visceral Manipulation had its main emphasis on the treatment of the ligaments and the sliding surfaces of the organs. Meanwhile this kind of treatment is worldwide known and has influenced several methods aside of osteopathy.

However, Barral has extended the work significantly during the last years. The new approach of Advanced Visceral Manipulation is about many additional items of treatment, items that were not part of the original way of treatment for the mobility and motility of organs. And it is also about new perspectives and new concepts for the manual treatment. What is new is the connection to vessels and to the neurovegetative system.

Thomas Sonnleitner will give a three-day introduction into the new orientation of Visceral Manipulation. The most important part of the course is the practical instruction. This will cover the following themes:

  • Introduction into the work done on vessels
  • Treatments of the Vena jugularis interna and externa
  • Treatment of the Vena emissaria at the enwrapping layers of the skull
  • Techniques for the Brachial plexus and for the subclavian artery and vein
  • Special techniques for the mediastinum and for the respiratory diaphragm
  • Treatment for the portal vein and the Vena cava inferior
  • Specific techniques for the area around the inguinal ligament
  • Considerations about the visceral connections towards the lower extremities (for example canal of the adductors)
  • Specific Listening techniques for the connections between the visceral system and the neurovegetative system

Your instructor

Thomas Sonnleitner

   Thomas Sonnleitner, Osteopath BAO

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Friday, 23.06.2023
- Sunday, 25.06.2023

(3 days)
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