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Visceral Manipulation – Advanced Approach

Thomas Sonnleitner
Friday, 23.06.2023 - Sunday, 25.06.2023, (3 days)
660,00 €   (payment until 13.04.2023)
Tanztendenz, 5th floor, Lindwurmstr. 88, 80337 Munich, Germany
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Binding nature of the registration
By sending the form you register bindingly and liable to pay the fee for the course you have selected. Subsequent to our confirmation by mail a deposit of 75,00 € is due. The remaining fee is due at the latest by the end of that “payment period” designated for this course.

[Note: In case of a series of courses, you will receive the deviating conditions directly in the mail with your course confirmation. These deviating conditions will then apply].

Withdrawal / cancellation by the participant
In any case of withdrawal or cancellation, the registration fee of € 75.00 will be retained as a processing fee or invoiced if not yet paid. In addition, the participant will bear any costs incurred for travel and accommodation or corresponding cancellation fees.

In case of withdrawal / cancellation after the "end of payment period", the entire course fee must be paid as compensation. It will be refunded in the amount of 80% if somebody moves up from the waiting list. The participant is free to prove that no damage at all or significantly less damage was caused by his non-participation. These consequences and regulations apply in the same way if a participant has to be denied access to the course because he/she does not fulfil the access conditions according to the hygiene regulations (see below).

Note: In the event that a participant withdraws from the booking after the end of the payment period designated for this course or the participation has to be discontinued during the course, a so-called seminar withdrawal insurance / seminar discontinuation insurance can be taken out. Such an insurance may allow to reimburse you for the course fee paid or to be paid to us as well as for accommodation and transport costs. Please contact the respective insurance companies for information on their specific terms and conditions. Cancellation by the organizer

The organizer must reserve the right to cancel the course if it cannot be carried out for reasons of force majeure. Force majeure also includes consequences resulting from the implementation of or compliance with the hygiene and health regulations in force at the time and place of the course, as well as the corresponding travel and safety regulations (see hygiene regulations).

In such a case of cancellation, each participant bears any expenses incurred for travel and accommodation as well. In such a case of cancellation, however - unlike in the case of withdrawal or cancellation - the course fee will be refunded.

Hygiene regulations (pandemic)
The hygiene, testing, vaccination and health regulations in force at the time and place of the course, as well as the corresponding travel and safety regulations, are binding for all courses. This also includes compliance with the quarantine regulations in force at the time of entry or throughout the course of the course, as well as the instructions of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care. Due to such regulations, it may be necessary to cancel the entire course - this may be also at short notice - or access to the venue may be denied to individual persons.

The participant bindingly agrees that the organizer may order and conduct covid tests before the beginning and during the course. In case of refusal of such tests, the organizer has the right to exclude this participant from further participation in the course without any compensation.

Change course instructor
If the designated instructor is unable to conduct the course for compelling reasons that subsequently arise, such as illness or the like, the organizer reserves the right, at its own discretion, to entrust the course to another professionally suitable person or to cancel the course.

Prohibition of recording (picture and sound recordings)
It is strictly prohibited to make any image and / or sound recordings (photo / video / audio recordings) during the lessons – any contravention would be considered as gross disruption of the lessons.  This also applies to recordings that should only be for private use. Such unauthorized recordings and/or its publication (also in social media) entitles the organizer to claim damages as well as to claim injunctive relief e.g. by way of a temporary injunction. This prohibition of recording serves in particular to protect the personal rights of the other participants and the course instructor (also in the sense of the GDPR), as well as the protection of the copyrights to the presented or otherwise used teaching materials.

In the event of infringements, münchner gruppe - munich group shall be entitled to confiscate and store the recording devices used for the disruption until the disruptive party has agreed to the deletion of the recordings. The münchner gruppe - munich group shall only be liable for confiscated and stored items insofar as any damage thereto was caused intentionally or by gross negligence.

By registering for the course and again by entering the venue, the participant expressly accepts all of the above regulations and instructions as part of the contract.

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