Essentials of cranial work

In this practical course we will explore the cranial field. We will start with the neurocranium and see all kind of techniques that are partly old but also some new techniques to treat the neurocranium. We will discuss some pathologies like tinnitus, dizziness, headache, migraine and others and give the osteopathic possibilities.

In the second part we will look at the viscerocranium, we will look at all the bones with their specific intraosseous and extra osseous articulations. We will train the techniques and discuss pathologies like sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ and orthodontic problems and others.

Your instructor

René Zweedijk

   René Zweedijk, D.O. BSc (Hon) Ost Med.

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Thursday, 27.04.2017
- Saturday, 29.04.2017

(3 days)
540,00 €
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5th floor
Lindwurmstr. 88
80337 Munich

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