Fascia- and Membrantechnique - Physical Trauma

- it´s impact on Fascia and Membranes and the various subsystems of the human body

In our practices we see clients that experienced all sort of accidents in their personal or professional life. On one side we may be really challenged by the differences and complexities of the outcomes of these unfortunate events. But on the other side many of our  colleagues report, that  sometimes the practical work in this field is especially promising. The  positive outcome of  manual work applied to clients who suffer from acute or long term effects of physical trauma has influence far beyond the physical organism. It influences the emotional body and the well being in general.

During an accident forces are transmitted on us in a linear and in a non linear way.  And the forces provoke a wave like answer inside our physical being. The force that comes from outside is significantly transformed inside us. This transformation acts on all the subsystems of the human organism:

  • It may damage bones and their articulations
  • It may overstretch layers of fascia and ligamentous components
  • It may act on membranes inside the spinal channel and inside the cranium
  • It may change the axes of the motion of organs
  • It may do damage to the vessels and their related fluid systems
  • It may change the state of membranes inside the cranium and inside the spinal channel
  • It may alternate endocrine production
  •  It may do severe damage to the emotional well being

In this course we will learn a step by step manual evaluation of the dysfunctions based on mechanical trauma. Related to the findings of our diagnostic items we will apply treatment techniques that use  fascia as a three dimensional access to the different subsystems. Fascia will not be treated just “for itself.” It will be treated as an endless web, that helps us to use it as an access to all the different elements of the organism.

We will find time to discuss contraindications. And we will practice modalities of touch related to emotional aspects.

A Personal note: The concepts of this course are based on the practical instruction that I found as a young practitioner from Ida Rolf´s son, Richard Demmerle D.C. For theoretical insights I was inspired by the writings of Rollin Becker D.O. For theory and for practical instruction I want to thank Jean-Pierre Barral D.O, Didier Prat D.O. Alain Croibier D.O. and Rene Zweedijk D.O.

I will demonstrate  some of my teachers work as an attempt of a synthesis. And we have the chance to explore some new, genuine modalities of work.

Class hours: Friday and Saturday 09:00 - 17:00 (lunch break 1,5 hours) and Sunday 09:00 - 15:00 (short lunch break)

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Peter Schwind

   Peter Schwind, Dr. phil. HP

Dr. phil., HP Peter Schwind, Rolfer® und Heilpraktiker, hat seine Ausbildung am von Ida Rolf begründeten Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in…
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