Inner Spaces of the System of Fascia and Membranes

new concepts, new treatments

There are several different approaches to the myofascial system. Most of them see tension transmitted along lines and planes. This model follows the traditional anatomical view of force transmission within the muscular system, that is meaningful whenever flexion and extension happen during locomotion.
The approaches that follow this view have their value in practice. However, when we look closer at fascia and at membranes, many questions come up - especially since some solid research has shown, that nonlinear force transmission exists within fascia. If we are honest with ourselves, we become aware that there are plenty of dysfunctions, that seem to resist our treatments, whenever we follow a linear model. For that reason, it is valuable to add a three-dimensional view on top of our traditional view.

This course presents in theory and practice how to work with the main cavities of the trunk.
-       On the level of the pelvis and abdomen to evaluate and treat the three-dimensional dynamics of the intraperitoneal, subperitoneal and retroperitoneal spaces
-       On the level of the thorax to evaluate and treat the different visceral subdivisions in relationship to their parietal connections
-       On the level of the upper pole of the human body to evaluate and treat the spaces inside and outside the different fascial tubes and their interaction with the dynamic of fluids inside the cranium.

Each test of the relevant spaces and each treatment will be explained in terms of fascial anatomy. The treatment techniques will be related to the most frequent dysfunctions:
-       Postural weaknesses in teenagers and adults
-       Acute and chronic ischiatica
-       Acute and chronic lumbalgia
-       Disk protrusions of the lumbar spine
-       Disk protrusions of the cervical spine
-       Organ dysfunctions of the female and male pelvis

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   Peter Schwind, Dr. phil. HP

Dr. phil., HP Peter Schwind, Rolfer® und Heilpraktiker, hat seine Ausbildung am von Ida Rolf begründeten Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in…
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