NEW! Osteopathic work with infants

The BIG FIVE of pediatrics: Infant colic, plagiocephaly, reflux, otitis and torticollis

With this course Rene Zweedijk connects with a theme, that he has covered over a period of several years during the early times of our munich group: The work with infants.

Some of us may remember the course, that he gave for us, while we had our classes at the center of the Red Cross in Munich. This course -it was seven years ago- gave a general introduction into the work with infants.
This time Rene will teach very specifically about the most efficient techniques, that we need to master, whenever we work with babies. There is large variety of dysfunctions in the pediatric field. However some of them are found very often. Rene calls them THE BIG FIVE OF PEDIATRICS.
The course gives clear instruction how to handle the challenges concerning the five themes:
Infant colic, plagiocephaly, reflux, otitis and torticollis.
At first Rene will discuss the relevant anatomical and physiological basics. After he will continue with practical demonstration and instruction how to apply the single techniques when we work with babies.

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René Zweedijk

   René Zweedijk, D.O. BSc (Hon) Ost Med.

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Thursday, 30.11.2023
- Saturday, 02.12.2023

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