NEW! Advanced Trauma

Trauma has immediate and long term influence on structure and function of the body.
This class will focus on both these effects.
In the thorax we will differentiate manually the effects on the ribcage:
the costo-vertebral joints, cartilages, the sternum and the ribs themselves; especially the intra-osseous strains that carry the memory of thoracic trauma will be diagnosed and treated.
The next important focus will be on the relationship between the upper 3 ribs in their relation to the shoulder including muscles, ligaments, vessels and the nerves involved.
Then we will explore the relationship and fixations between the thoracic organs (heart, lungs) and their responses to traumatic impact. We will follow up with manual diagnosis of the abdominal organs relevant in trauma (kidneys, root of mesentery and root of transverse colon) before focusing on the bladder’s relationship to the pubic symphysis.
The lower extremity (hip-, knee- and ankle-joint) will be checked for fixations and options for treatment will be practiced to resolve the lower extremity traumatic impacts.
Finally the fixations of cervical spine, dura mater and cranium will be examined and treated to resolve whiplash problems.
In Detail we will focus on the following:
•    1st ,2nd, 3rd ribs,
•    Anterior and posterior fixations of the cartilages of the 8th ,9th ,10th and 11th  rib
•    Lig. of Henley and posterior pleural attachments
•    Tensions between ribs and pleura
•    Costo-pleural- peritoneal fixations
•    Relation to Shoulder girdle  (M. subclavius, costoclavicular lig., acromioclavicular lig., gleno-humeral lig.)
•    Heart: Pericardial attachments. Vascular system: Aortic arch, right antrum, A. subclavia
•    Diaphragmatic attachments to the heart/pericardium. Micro-ruptures of the diaphragm
•    Abdomen: Kidney fixations to duodenum, hilum and transverse colon
•    Root of mesentery and root of transverse colon
•    Bladder, obturator muscle fixations to the pubic symphysis (pubo-vesico ligament)
•    Lower extremity : Hip (vascular) and problems of knee and ankle joint caused during sportive activities.
Cervical spine , treatments of dura mater and the cranium in relation to whiplash

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Jean-Pierre Barral

   Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O.

Osteopath D.O., ist der Begründer und international führende Vertreter der Viszeralen Osteopathie und kann auf über 30 Jahre praktische Erfahrung…
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