NEW! Manipulation Structurelle Tissulaire - Extremities

The 3 days course is about the practical application of “Manipulation Structurelle Tissulaire“ for the upper and lower extremities. This is the fourth course, that David teaches for us, and also this course focuses on the innovative, specific modality of his work: The subtle sensing of the tissues - the “listening” - will be combined with direct “thrust.” ‘Similar to the application on the vertebral spine we will follow the same principles also for the extremities. It is about high-level precision, to arrive at a pleasant, efficient treatment without risks.
The main focus of the course is on practice. The single techniques will be explained step by step. And we have the chance to explore and practice all the different items with each other.
The course will cover the following:
The foot
-       Anterior tibia
-       Anterior talus
-       Posterior talus
-       Sub talaire, 2 technics
-       Lateral calcaneum
-       Posterior calcaneum
-       Navicular
-       Cuboîde
-       Cuneiformes
The knee
-       Lateral knee
-       Rotations of the knee : decubitus position
-       Anterior fibula
-       Posterior fibula
-       Rotations of the knee : procubitus position
-       Meniscus technic
The hip
-       Anterior hip
-       Technic without thrust
-       Decoaptation hip : 2 technics
The shoulder
-       Sterno clavicular
-       Acromio clavicular
-       Gleno humeral join, anterior, up
The elbow
-       Lateral : 2 positions
-       Rotations
-       Ulna anterior
-       Ulna posterior
The Wrist
-       different technics

Your instructor

David Lachaize

   David Lachaize, D.O.

David Lachaize D.O. has received his osteopathic education at the Ecole d´Osteopathie Geneve. He also completed a Master program in education at the…

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Thursday, 02.03.2023
- Saturday, 04.03.2023

(3 days)
660,00 €
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Lindwurmstr. 88
80337 Munich

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