David Lachaize, D.O.

David Lachaize D.O. has received his osteopathic education at the Ecole d´Osteopathie Geneve. He also completed a Master program in education at the University Aix/Marseille.

Since more than 20 years he works at his practice close to Aix-en-Provence. Since 2007 he teaches postgraduate courses.

He has developed his genuine concept of “Manipulation  Structurelle Tissulaire”. His approach has found worldwide recognition because of its subtleness and precision.

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David Lachaize, D.O.

NEW! The Thrust - Manipulation Structurelle Tissulaire

In this 3 days course David Lachaize will give a practical introduction into the modality of work, that he calls “Manipulation Structerelle Tissulaire”. Step by step, he will clarify the basic concepts of this work. And he will explain, why this work is not based on using force and that it is…



  04.11.2021 - 06.11.2021