The viscerocranium

In the course of the viscera cranium we study the development of the face during life. Which are the forces that form our face and how can dysfunctions influence our face. We study the different bones, we look at their anatomy and sutural connections. We learn how to test the different bones and how to correct them. We also study the mouth and throat area, hyoid bone, voice problems. We study ENT problems in children and adults and look at the different types of headache and how to treat them. It will be a very hands-on course with a lot of techniques.

Your instructor

Geert Achterkamp

   Geert Achterkamp, D.O.-MRO

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Thursday, 03.05.2018
- Saturday, 05.05.2018

(3 days)
540,00 €
payment until 05.03.2018

5th floor
Lindwurmstr. 88
80337 Munich

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