Visceral Manipulation – Organs of the Pelvis

This course focuses on the restriction of the organ motion within the pelvis. We will be dealing with the kidneys for quite some time. The very special topographical position of these organs behind the peritoneum requires detailed study, that enables us to work with caution and precise anatomical orientation. In theory and practice we will get familiar with the position, the visceral articulations and physiological movement of the kidneys. We will search for adhesions and related bony restrictions. We will understand contraindications and we will be learning - step by step - how to influence the mobility and the motility of this very important organs. Then we will continue with the perineum, the bladder and the uterus. At first we will be dealing with the „theory“, to be able to practically work with great care and subtleness. In this course we also will get to know how to perform precise tests for the articulation between sacrum and coccyx and the related traditional and new steps for treatment in practice. Within the three days of this course we will exclusively learn tests and techniques, that are applied externally. Internal techniques for the cervix and the prostate will not be taught.

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Thomas Sonnleitner

   Thomas Sonnleitner, Osteopath BAO

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Friday, 10.11.2017
- Sunday, 12.11.2017

(3 days)
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