Fascia training für the organs

for self help

We all know from practice that the results of Visceral Manipulation have a lasting effect. We could demonstrate in some cases, that a single mobilisation of the kidneys shows the result even four years after the treatment. However many clients ask: „ Is there something that I can do myself?“ Based on his 40 years practice of different styles of Tai Chi Chuan Peter Schwind has developed a sequence of exercises, that we can practice for ourselves and teach easily to our clients. It is a program that adds to the manual treatment of Visceral Manipulation In practicing this exercises we find access to the fascial envelopes, the ligaments and the Viscoelasticity. And we will have some effect onto the inner bridges to the deep muscles like Psoas and longus colli.

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Peter Schwind

   Peter Schwind, Dr. phil. HP

Dr. phil., HP Peter Schwind, Rolfer® und Heilpraktiker, hat seine Ausbildung am von Ida Rolf begründeten Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in…
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