Fascial- and Membrane Techniques: Cranium-Mandible-Neck

Special emphasis: craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD)

This three days course will give an overview about the connective tissue relationships between cranium, mandible and neck.  We will start with an evaluation of the external fascial layers around the TMJ.  After we will have a look on the bilaminary zone and her role for the function of the disc inside the joint. We will evaluate the role of the hydrostatic pressure inside the capsule and the impact of congested veins inside the posterior part of the capsule and we will check the morphology if ligaments, close to the joint capsule.  Step by step we will work for a clear strategy of treatment for the three different practical applications:
-    Prophylactic treatment of the TMJ
-    Microcorrections for cases of acute dysfunction
-    Comprehensive treatment of the chronic dysfunction

The anatomical introduction and the motion analysis of the TMJ will be the base for a sequence to techniques to be applied for:
-    Hypertone and hypotone tissues around the TMJ
-    Joint clicking and microcrepitation
-    Displacement of the intraarticular disc (anterior and posterior)
-    Specific damage of the TMJ in case of whiplash.
Dr.med. dent. Sebastian Schmidinger will be with us during the second day of the course and contribute from the perspective of dentistry and oral implantology.

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Peter Schwind

   Peter Schwind, Dr. phil. HP

Dr. phil., HP Peter Schwind, Rolfer® und Heilpraktiker, hat seine Ausbildung am von Ida Rolf begründeten Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in…
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Friday, 22.06.2018
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