NEW! Manipulation Structurelle Tissulaire - The Spine - Part 2 of 2

Part 1 and part 2 are one unit and only bookable as a package

This 6 days course (two parts of 3 days each) is about the practical application of the „Manipulation  Structurelle Tissulaire“ on dysfunctions of the spinal column. This method guides the work into a direction, that is different from techniques like the “lumbar roll” and different from classical views like the “laws of Fryette”. It is about a new conceptual perspective and about a creative modality of the hands-on work, that is highly efficient.

Most of the techniques taught in this course are direct procedures. They connect subtle “listening” with “thrust.” As little tension as possible is used. It is about a high level of precision. And it shall be a pleasant experience and without risks for the patient.

This means for the practitioner that the use of strong muscle force is not necessary. We will work twice for three days with emphasis on practice. Each technique will be explained in detail and explored in practice step by step. Daily repetitions of the practical applications will help us to refine our sensitive abilities and help us to recognize the osteopathic lesion more clearly.

Finally, we will get to know some special ways to refine the quality of the “thrust.” Some clinical examples help us to get a better understanding of all this.

Part 1 – May 05th – 07th, 2022
Part 12 – July 14th – 16th, 2022

Some of the techniques taught in our course can be seen at the following video links:
Video 1
Video 2

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David Lachaize

   David Lachaize, D.O.

David Lachaize D.O. has received his osteopathic education at the Ecole d´Osteopathie Geneve. He also completed a Master program in education at the…

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Thursday, 14.07.2022
- Saturday, 16.07.2022

(3 days)
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