NEW! The Thrust - Manipulation Structurelle Tissulaire

In this 3 days course David Lachaize will give a practical introduction into the modality of work, that he calls “Manipulation Structerelle Tissulaire”. Step by step, he will clarify the basic concepts of this work. And he will explain, why this work is not based on using force and that it is misleading to believe that it has to be painful. He emphasizes that the strength , the effectiveness of the manipulation is subtleness and precision. He postulates that efficient results happen by an energetic action and not by applying force.

During the 3 days course all the practical items will be explained step by step. All single elements of any single action will be looked at in detail. This shall allow the precision in practice.

The practical part of the course focuses on two areas: on the lumbosacral area and on the lumbodorsal hinge. We will study the practical application of Manipulation Structurelle Tissulaire within this two areas in a comprehensive way. However the single items will be described and demonstrated  in such a way, that they can be applied also within other areas of the human body, whenever we have to treat other joints.

This course introduces a new view of the “Thrust”, it teaches the basics of this new view, basics we have to understand to respect the tissues while we apply precise technique.

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David Lachaize

   David Lachaize, D.O.

David Lachaize D.O. has received his osteopathic education at the Ecole d´Osteopathie Geneve. He also completed a Master program in education at the…

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Thursday, 04.11.2021
- Saturday, 06.11.2021

(3 days)
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