NEW! Fascia and Emotion - New Perspectives - New Practise

Since the first FASCIA RESEARCH CONFERENCE in 2007, many assumptions about the malleability of fasciae have been shaken. There are numerous new insights and even more speculations about the processes that we set in motion in the manual treatment practice. More than ten years ago, Peter Schwind observed Barral during the impressive and successful treatment of a stroke patient. He described his observations years later in his non-fiction book DAS CROISSANT IM GEHIRN (Random House). Since then, he has spent more than a decade investigating the consequences of the connection between brain and fascia system in practice with great enthusiasm for experimentation and speculation and has worked on new treatment techniques.
In this course we will first develop a practice-oriented basic knowledge:

- How can we recognize dominant emotional patterns in the organism?
- What signs are to be observed in the respiratory pattern and how are these patterns to be treated?
- Which parts of the body, which fascia layers and which fascia spaces deserve special attention?
- How can we recognize reaction patterns of the autonomous nervous system and constructively include them in our treatment?
In addition to basic knowledge, we will also deal with complex interrelationships:

- Are there any core areas of the fascia system that are associated with functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system and "image" themselves in certain areas of the brain?
- Can such areas be felt inside the cranium?
- Is it possible not only to feel nerve "bridges" within these areas inside the cranium, but also to change the blood flow in the affected "microspaces" and stimulate nerve connections?
Previous knowledge of manual fascial treatment is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

Your instructor

Peter Schwind

   Peter Schwind, Dr. phil. HP

Dr. phil., HP Peter Schwind, Rolfer® und Heilpraktiker, hat seine Ausbildung am von Ida Rolf begründeten Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in…
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Friday, 16.10.2020
- Sunday, 18.10.2020

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